How To check Whatsapp fake news online, Checkpoints Tipline.

Check combines good checklists, workflow integrations, ANd an intuitive style to form digital newsgathering an economical and cooperative method. Checkpoint.

Invite your team and on-line community in a very secure setting to figure along to validate breaking news content. Then, quickly show the work to your audience on social media or your news web site.

Checkpoint Verification analysis Tipline. Terms of use at

To check any real truth of the news visit this web site this web site to envision any social media news like Facebook Twitter and WhatsApp and etc.

How To check Whatsapp fake news online, Checkpoints Tipline.
Whatsapp Officials.

WhatsApp is that the day to day changes the security of the appliance .the introduce the new features of WhatsApp is news verification.

Now India in election time then there is fake news spreading the related to election campaign but the WhatsApp is knowing to the matter of faux news, and thus the launching the new features of the Whatsapp VERIFICATION TIP LINE.

They work is features of  Whatsapp are provided the no is +91 96430 00888.

Some Steps to fallow to the fact check. Checkpoint.


Step 1-First of all given no is save as the contacts list to any name.

Step2– they automatically show the WhatsApp list as the name of checkpoints (Verification Research TipLine.)

And show like as

And they have your input news or forwarded new show above screenshot of images.

And the next reply from the checkpoints inter the further next step for 1 or canceled the check facts no reply

Thank you. Your message will help us research on the dissemination of false information on WhatsApp during these elections. we’ve included this material for verification.

We will attempt to report back to you within 24 hours. But confine mind – we aren’t ready to answer your every request. the ultimate response of the reply and wait for 24 hours.

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