How to save a message on Whatsapp without a screenshot

HOW TO SAVE whatsapp MESSAge without taking a screenshot

There is no doubt about this fact that Whatsapp is one of the most used communication platforms in India today, not just in India.

Last year at its F8 Developer Conference, Facebook said that every day WhatsApp users send about 65 billion messages and this number is increasing.

 In all the messages that you exchange – in your personal or group conversations – there may be specific messages that you want to save later to refer back.

While taking a screenshot of a particular chat it seems that this is the first choice.

 As a platform, WhatsApp offers features that allow you to bookmark any massages in both private and group chats.

Which you can easily access later. Starred message is called, this feature is available on Android phones, iPhones as well as Windows Phone

Here’s how you can send a message on Android phones: Whatsapp

Open Whatsapp

Tap the chat you want to select the message on the phone and hold the message that you want to star.

Tap the star icon that appears above the screen.

 Here’s how you can send a message to an iPhone:

 Option Whatsapp 

On the chat from which you want to choose from the message and hold the message that you want to star.

Tap the star icon in the menu that appears

All the messages you watched are stored together and if you are wondering how to find them, then

follow these steps:

 To see the list of messages that you have seen on an Android phone.

OpenWhatSpace ,More Options ,See Staged Messages-,You have seen the list of messages you have seen on the iPhone ,The chat includes the starred messages you want to see. Touch the name of the chat. Tap starred messages.

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