Trans Lunar Injection: That push, which will reach the moon Chandrayaan-2

Trans Lunar Injection: That push, which will reach the moon Chandrayaan-2

Chandrayaan -2

Chandrayaan-2 has now passed out of the Earth’s orbit. ISRO says that by August 20, Chandrayaan-2 will reach the moon’s orbit and currently it is in the process of reaching the moon from the orbit of the earth.

In such a situation, you may wonder what is the process like?

In fact, from July 22 to August 14, Chandrayaan-2 was placed in the Earth’s orbit.

Chandrayaan begins to move slowly towards the moon, applying many rounds of the earth. Under this, the distance of Chandrayaan-2 from the earth increases and it keeps going closer to the moon.

In this sequence, on August 14 at around 2 pm, it has been pushed like a fast, which led to the firing of Chandrayaan-2 rocket.

Chandrayaan-2 already has a rocket. With this help, a special firing is done when the satellite is near the Earth’s orbit.

This firing is called trans lunar injection. With this, another term ‘Lunar Transfer Transaction’ is being used.

Pallava Bagla, a science expert, explains, “When the spacecraft leaves the orbit of the earth and goes towards the moon, then the path that is set is called Lunar Transfer Transaction.”


in the fourth stage

How complicated is the process, of landing Chandrayaan-2 in the moon?

This work is done in a certain direction in a given time.

Pallava Bagla says, “It sounds easy to hear, but actually difficult.”

Because you have to start from a distance of 276 kilometers from the earth and its destination is 3.84 lakh kilometers away.

In such a situation, your target should be that you arrive at the right time in the right direction.

Are there any risks in this process of Chandrayaan-2?

According to Pallava Bagla, all the stages from launch to the moon are risky. On 20 August, reaching the moon’s orbit and soft landing are also not filled with less risk.

Because if the target does not appear in the right place, then Chandrayaan-2 can go far away from the moon.

Regarding the speed of Chandrayaan-2, Bagla says, “Now it has been given a speed of 39 thousand kilometers per hour. After reaching the moon’s orbit, its speed will be reduced.Chandrayaan-2

If you want to understand this speed easily, then understand that at this speed you can take about six trips from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in one hour.

After reaching the moon’s orbit, the lander will separate from the orbiter.

After this, will try to make a soft landing on the moon in the final stage.

‘Vikram’ has been designed according to the soft landing on the moon, so as not to damage the rover.

The name of the rover is Pragya. It is a six-wheeled robotic vehicle that will run on the moon and take pictures.

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