Tiktok: Should Facebook Be Afraid?

Byte dance company own tiktok company make a mobile phone or smartphone

ByteDance Technology TikTok owner .

If you are over 30 years of age, you may have never heard of Tiktok name or never used it. But today’s youth who have dived in the world of Internet are well aware of  a matter of serious concern for Facebook.

According to the figures obtained by the Reuters News Agency, Tiktok owner ByteDance has earned about $ 8.4 billion in the first six months of this year.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is also recognizing Tiktok’s danger.

Seeing Tiktok’s increasing popularity, he has told his team, “This is the first Internet consumer product made by the Chinese tech company that has spread all over the world.”

In countries like America and India, Tiktok is becoming increasingly popular among the youth. I think Instagram has been left behind. ”

In view of Tiktok’s interest, Zuckerberg created the idea to try a similar product in Mexico where Tiktok has not been able to make that much space for itself.

China syndrome

A few weeks ago I spoke to students at a school in South Wales.

In line with my habit, I asked the students about their social media habits, which included ticketing in response.

Research firm AppAnnee monitors mobile application download data. Statistics show that Tiktok’s empire extends beyond China.

Analyst Paul Burns of the research firm says that Android-users outside China spent more than 1.1 billion hours  in August. This is a jump of 400 percent by percentage.

Analyst Paul Burns says that for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it is a matter of concern that users of Tiktok are more committed to them.

However, there is another aspect of Tiktok. There has been a discussion about how secure Tiktok is a platform.

Whereas Tiktok claims that a safe and positive environment is its top priority for users.

The Guardian newspaper of London had also recently published information that those videos which mention Hong Kong or Tianmen Chowk are being deleted in the Tiktok app.

But there is no doubt that this Chinese company has millions of users in Europe and America.

The name of Facebook and Instagram has not been added to the new generation’s word like Tiktok. This is a concern for Mark Zuckerberg.

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