TickTok company ByteDance will soon make smartphones

Byte dance company own tiktok company make a mobile phone or smartphone

ByteDance Technology TikTok owner .

After the great success of video sharing app TickTok, the company making it is now about to enter the smartphone market.

In current times, TikTok is the fastest growing social media app, which has around 500 million users.

A 15-second video is posted on TickTok. This app has been downloaded 100 million times from PlayStore.

TickTok developer ByteDance is now considering entering the smartphone world.

Bytdance owns many other video and news based apps in addition to TicTalk. This includes Slack, Flipchart, Totio.

However, the most popular app in all of this is TickTok.

Many companies entered this competition

China’s economic magazine Caging has reported that the new mobile from ByteDans arrive within seven months.

It is not that ByteDance (TikTok) is the first company to have an app that has become popular to this extent and has decided to enter the phone market.

In 2013, China’s selfie app maker Mitu also entered the world of smartphones.

Mitu’s phone was described as a good mobile for artificial intelligence in China, along with a great camera and fast auto focus.

But there are already many smartphone-making companies in China,

in such a situation it is very difficult to say how much effect will it have on the arrival of a new company in this market.

Says technology expert Ben Wood of CCS Insight, “In the current times,

it is very difficult for any new company to enter the smartphone market.

At present, companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei Mobile rule is here.

“Whenever new companies come in this market, they are discussed loudly but then after some time they disappear from the market.”

The dominance of big companies

Even big companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon have spread their feet in the world of technology.

Starting with the social media app, Facebook is currently owned by two big companies like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Although Facebook removed its Android Launcher app but it did not succeed

In the same way, the Google company removed the Google Pixel smartphone, in which it succeeded but Google Plus did not get that success in social networking.

At the same time, people liked the tablet and e-readers of the Amazon company,

but people rejected the fire phone of this company, TikTok ByteDance.

TickTok company ByteDance will soon make smartphones

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