This privacy feature of WhatsApp makes your chat privacy very non-public.

HOW TO SAVE whatsapp MESSAge without taking a screenshot

WhatsApp has a new privacy feature that enables users to chat on their phones to stay safe.

WhatsApp is the most liked messaging app in India. The Facebook-owned company has four hundred million users in India alone.

WhatsApp is widely used not only for personal chat, but also interactive conversation.

WhatsApp load is mentioned and it becomes important to keep those chats safe.

WhatsApp is forbidden on Google Play as an alternative application through third party services.

However, the concept of  messaging app is its own inbuilt security.

WhatsApp has recently launched fingerprint unlock for its beta platform on Automaton.

WhatsApp beta users on Automaton will currently unlock the app victim with their fingerprint.

WhatsApp is nonetheless to roll out fingerprint unlock in its stable version, although here you will be able to use this feature.

Early users are forced to enroll within the WhatsApp beta program via this link.

Once registered, users will press the beta option on WhatsApp. Users will exit the beta program at any time.

How to use WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature

Open the Settings menu and choose Account> Privacy.

Scroll down and choose Fingerprint Lock from the list of options.

Enable ‘unlock with fingerprint’ to suffer the feature.

WhatsApp can enhance you to verify your fingerprint for the app


You can choose WhatsApp to automatically lock the app immediately after 1 minute or 30 minutes.

WhatsApp also lets you choose whether the message content should be shown in notifications,WhatsApp- Privecy.

This feature was first introduced for the iPhone this February. On iPhones, users can unlock via Face ID and Touch ID.

WhatsApp users on iPhone can also follow the same procedure. On iOS, this feature will appear as ‘screen lock’,WhatsApp- Privecy.


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