The top ten Artificial Intelligence companies provide the most significant reviews.

How Artificial-Intelligence change the life of Human.

How Artificial-Intelligence change the life of Human.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting many industries right now. According to Quartz, 37% of companies plan or plan to use AI technology this year – a far cry from the 10% in 2015.

This number is expected only thanks to companies that are currently using AI innovations.

1) – Apple

Build realtime, personalized experiences with industry-leading, on-device machine learning using Core ML 3, Create ML, the powerful A-series chips, and the Neural Engine. 

Core ML 3 supports more advanced machine learning models than ever before. And with Create ML, you can now build machine learning models right on your Mac with zero code.

Another industry veteran, Apple executives have mentioned several times in the past how AI is the next big step for the company.

Presumably this is why it has been acquiring AI startups over the years and has continued to improve its products like Siri and Create ML.

2)- Amazon.

Amazon’s approach to AI is called a flywheel. In engineering terms, a flywheel is a deceptively simple tool designed to efficiently store rotational energy.

It works by storing energy when a machine isn’t working at a constant level. Instead of wasting energy turning on and off, the flywheel keeps the energy constant and spreads it to other areas of the machine

One of the biggest players to hit this list. Amazon is leading the Artificial-Intelligence ​​revolution in terms of consumer-side and backend applications.

Alexa is the company’s voice-activated smart assistant that has made its way into hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide.

On the backend, Amazon Web Services is the tech giant’s machine learning (ML) programs that are gradually being introduced to companies such as Netflix, Tinder, and even NASA.

3)- DJI

DJI is a Chinese AI startup company that has an eye on everyone. Timely response to China’s bid to become China’s global superpower, the $ 15 billion company has already partnered with Microsoft for its AI-powered drone project.

What’s more, the Chinese company wants to develop autonomous vehicles and robotics projects in the near future.

4)- Anki

Powering the future of AI & robotics.

Developed over eight years, and evolved through millions of devices ,our platform for AI- enabled,

cloud-connected edge devices is diverse foundation of Artificial-Intelligence and Robotics technology that enable deep levels of intelligence , interactivity ,

and capability in consumer products. The Anki elemental platform is the end-to-end technical foundation  to drive unparalleled capabilities in perception/AI, mobiity , and interface at low, consumer- accessible cost.

Anki’s Platform  for AI-enabled, cloud -connected edge devices and the technological foundation for our current and future robotics products.

5)- Google

Google creating a library of open educational resources so that anyone can start learning, building, and problem-solving with AI.

From our products to our open-source platforms, we’re working to ensure that the benefits of AI are accessible to everyone.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has made it clear that the company is moving towards an AI-first approach to business.

The acquisition of several AI companies is a testament to this, with companies such as Mountain View and DeepMind manufacturing AI companies and hundreds of products.

6)- Datavisor

DataVisor delivers the world’s most sophisticated AI-powered solutions to proactively detect and prevent known and unknown attacks, and to keep companies safe from fraud and abuse.

DV  is a leading tech company operating in the finance industry. It uses Artificial-Intelligence and ML to analyze millions of data points and indicates fraudulent activity.

It protects finance companies from fake accounts, fraudulent transactions, money laundering and more.

7)- Casetext

Have CARA A.I. do the research for you Casetext’s artificial intelligence search, CARA, finds cases on the same facts, legal issues, and jurisdiction as your matter.

Just drag and drop a brief or complaint and CARA will find on-point cases for you.

Even the most experienced data collectors have trouble navigating thousands of pages on the legal information available online.

This can slow down the process considerably when it comes to making matters. Castext speeds things up by using AI to power its unique search engine created specifically for viewing legal documents.

Legal Advisers Special Advocates highlight that modern AI applications in legal technology allow experts to comb through records more efficiently.

Based on human limitations, legal AI software can very quickly remove duplicates through large-scale data points and rank them according to their relevance for discovery.

Casetext combines all of this with an easy drag-and-drop interface that every lawyer can learn to use.

Case in point, a study comparing legal research platforms found that lawyers who use Casetext CARA AI. Finished their projects 24.5% faster than those using traditional methods.

8)- Facebook


Facebook Artificial Intelligence researchers seek to understand and develop systems with human-level intelligence by advancing the longer-term academic problems surrounding Artificial-Intelligence.

Our research covers the full spectrum of topics related to AI, and to deriving knowledge from data: theory, algorithms, applications, software infrastructure and hardware infrastructure.

Long-term objectives of understanding intelligence and building intelligent machines are bold and ambitious, and we know that making significant progress towards AI can’t be done in isolation.

That’s why we actively engage with the research community through publications, open source software, participation in technical conferences and workshops, and collaborations with colleagues in academia.

9)- Clarifai

Clarify leads the way in developing Artificial-Intelligence use cases for image recognition. Its users enjoy lightning speed organization, filtering and tagging for thousands of images – useful in everything from consumer research to online content moderation.

The company’s software develops ML and uses ML and deep neural networks to identify elements in images and videos with accuracy and increasing images, collecting more visual data. The recently released General Model 1.5 is the company’s strongest image recognition product ever.

10)- Deepmind

Artificial intelligence could be one of humanity’s most useful inventions. We research and build safe AI systems that learn how to solve problems and advance scientific discovery for all. 

DeepMind is a Google-owned company focusing solely on Artificial-Intelligence technology for various industries.

The London-based company recently announced revolutionary Artificial-Intelligence technology that can change the way predictors work through predictive analytics that can result in a more proactive approach to medicine.

Only time will tell which companies come up with the most revolutionary breakthroughs in AI technology.

 Meanwhile, the average user can sit back and relax knowing that the people there are trying to figure out how AI can make the world a better, faster and more efficient place.



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