That should be future robots like humans (Humanoid Robots).

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Sofiya Popular Humanoid Robots.

In the past, the trend of making human-looking robots has increased, but isn’t it scary to build machines that look like humans? Are these not a potential threat to the future?

However, Isaac Asimov robots-based novel, the 1980s film Johnny 5, the Hollywood film ‘Avengers: The Age of Ultron’ and Channel 4’s science-fiction drama ‘Humans.’ have been shown.

These films have children of robots, beings who can understand emotions and human-like consciousness.

But how true is it and how much is it needed?

Dr. Ben Goertzel has designed an artificial intelligence software. Based on this, a robot named Sophia has been prepared, which is a human-like robot. It is made by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.

He says that robots should look like humans so that doubts that are in the mind of humans about robots should be removed.

“In the coming times, there will be robots like humans because people like them.


According to him, “If there will be human-looking robots, then people will be able to order them and talk to them about their girlfriends.”


“I think SoftBank’s paper robots are very bad to look at. While Sophia will look into your eyes and they can also make faces like yours. It will be a completely different experience, than looking at the monitor on the paper robot’s chest. . “

At present, 20 new Sofia robots have been built and six of these robots are being used all over the world. These robots are being used to deliver speeches and technical training.

Many companies have approached Hanson Robotics for the purpose of using Sofia to lure their customers, but one thing that is very clear is that whether human robots like Sofia or paper robots, they are still very expensive to manufacture And Dr. Goertzel himself does not deny this.

Can robots be rebellious?


Dr. Robert Schuller, co-founder and CEO of Intuition Robotics, dismisses the robot’s appearance and speech as human. They protest against this.

His company makes small social robots in the shape of Alicue which aims to overcome the loneliness of the elderly. This robot can talk and answer questions.

They say that people who use ALICU have to be reminded that this is a machine, not a person of truth, and it is really painful to do so.

He expresses concern over the influence of “Ankeny Valley”.

Robotist Masahiro Mori is of the view that the more humans become closer to robots, the more we have to fear them and the more they become rebellious.

He believes that it is wrong to morally expect robots to be like humans.

Will robots have legal rights.

Robot can get authority of legal right
Example of Humanoid Robots.


A person will surely realize at one time that these are robots, nothing in real and then they will feel cheated themselves.

He says “I don’t see any connection between fooling you and giving you what you want.”

“Aliqué is very cute and it is a friend. Based on our research, we can say that it can give a positive affinity and overcome loneliness and that too without pretending to be human.”

 Reid Simmons a research professor at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, agrees.

“Many of us believe that it is enough for a robot to blink its eyes and have some special features. Instead of behaving like a human being.”

“I am a strong supporter that we need to stay away from the situation like Ankeny Valley because it will give rise to many kinds of expectations which the technology will not be able to meet under any circumstances.”

SingularityNet is the platform where developers can create artificial intelligence apps. Which are used in robots like Sofia.

Dr. Goertzel, who founded it, believes that over time, robots will become smarter and if not more than humans, they will become as much as humans.

And after that “the more robots we see around us, the sooner we will get used to it.”

They say that it happens many times that people become more comfortable with machines than humans.


But will we ever be able to reach that level where robots will have consciousness, freedom of choice and dislike, and they will also have legal rights?

According to Dr. Goertzel, “I think that if robots become as intelligent as humans, then they will also have consciousness.”

Should ‘compassionate robot’

There is no dearth of people who believe in the field of artificial intelligence, but this thinking is still not very widespread.

He says that until some five years ago there was very little research on artificial general intelligence, but now the seriousness has increased and big companies like Google are looking towards this.

We need kinder robots than humans.”

kinder robots than humans that is not possible.
kinder robots than humans that is not possible. ( Humanoid Robots )


But many robotics and computer scientists disagree with him. Dr. Schuller says that this is not possible.

“Emotion is a distinct human trait and is a symptom of fully living people.”

He says “morality and values ​​cannot be set on the basis of statistics. It is linked to the feelings and morals with which we grow up.”

But with artificial intelligence, they can learn to behave like humans and it can be understood how to react.

Intuition Robotics is working with the Toyota Research Institute on a project to create a digital companion for the car. The aim is to keep people safe in the car.

Difficult to copy the human mind in Humanoid Robots

Diffcult to store of human memory in the robot.
Difficult to copy human mind


In a recent issue of Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus plays the role of a pop singer who has downloaded her full identity into an artificial intelligence system to create a small robot doll named Ashley Two.

Experts believe that such things will always remain in the imagination.

Dr. Simmons says “I would say that it is not possible for a person to download his mind and personality into a robot. We are far from copying a person’s brain.”

However, Dr. Goertzel insists that when Nikola Tesla gave the idea of ​​a robot in the 1920s, no one believed it, but now what is in front of everyone.

“Sometimes things are beyond human thought (Humanoid Robots).”

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