How to save your personal data from your computer by using this trick of Google Chrome

click on advanced setting

Click on advanced setting

Google Chrome is the world’s most-used Internet browser and periodically retains new features. Since security is a major concern for the majority of users,

Google has taken beyond its capability to protect users from ransomware, hijackers and other online threats,

the ability to scan the entire system for harmful software and malware. Has been built inside settings.

Menu How does this feature work like any standalone antivirus software installed on your Windows PC?

Install the latest version of Google Chrome on your Windows PC, Internet connectivity

Following some steps: Google
Google harmfull data clean up
setting screenshot

Open Google Chrome on your PC or laptop

Click on three horizontal points from the top right corner

Go to setting options

Now, scroll down and find the ‘advance’ option

Under the ‘Reset and Clean Up’ section, click on the ‘Clean up computer’ option.

Alternatively, users can only type chrome: // settings / cleanup and press enter to go directly to the cleaning settings option.

Now, click on the ‘Find’ button written in front of “Find Harmful Software”. Chrome may find harmful software on your computer and remove it

Once clicked, the inbuilt malware detection will kick in and start scanning the entire PC, note that it may take some time to complete the entire process.

Therefore something is found, press the ‘Remove’ button to delete.

It is notable that the malware scanning feature is controlled by ESET, a reputable IT security company in the browser.

This feature works like any other antivirus software installed on your system, however, it not only scans for ransomware, trojans, and viruses.

But it also searches for harmful and unwanted software that gets installed on your PC in any way.


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