New xhelper malware in thousands of android phones affected, not getting deleted

New Xhelper malware in thousands of android phones, not getting deleted

New Xhelper malware in thousands of android phones, not getting deleted

For the past few months, hundreds of Android users  complaining about xhelper new malware. Users say that after deleting this malware, it is being installed again on the phone.

Not only this, even after factory resetting the smartphone, it is coming back on the phone. This malware named xhelper has affected more than 45 thousand Android devices in the last 6 months.

This malware is continuously increasing. Symantec’s latest report states that xhelper is affecting about 131 daily devices and an average of 2,400 Android devices every month.

Users of India, the US and Russia are affected the most by this malware.

Entering through third-party app

According to a Malwarebytes report, the source of this malware is a ‘web redirect’, which sends users to a web page hosting the Android app.

These websites tell users how to side-load unofficial Android apps outside the Play Store. The code hidden in these unofficial apps downloads the Xhelper trojan.

Means of earning money?


According to the reports, the good thing is that it is not causing any major harm to Trojan users.

According to both entities, Similarly ie Malwarebytes and Symantec, this trojan has so far mostly shown popup advertisements and notification spam.

These advertisements and notifications redirect users to the Play Store, where they are asked to install other apps.

It is believed that the xhelper Gang is making money from the ‘Pay-Per-Install’ Commission (the commission to be given for installing the app).

Works differently

The special thing is that xhelper does not work like other Android malware. First, this Trojan gets access to the Android device through an app.

After this, the xhelper is installed separately in that device. Even after uninstalling the app through which it has come into the device, the xhelper device is not removed.

Even then it remains in the device and shows popup and notification spam.

Removal not happening on factory reset

Every time it is reinstalled after uninstalling the xhelper from the app section of the Android device. The device re-installs even after the factory reset.

In the last few months, many users have complained about not installing xhelper on Reddit, Google Play Help and other support forums.

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