More problems have been encountered on some PCs since Windows 10 KB 4524147

More problems have been encountered on some PCs since Windows 10 KB 4524147

On October 3, Microsoft released a band update for Windows 10 version 1903 and earlier versions with significant security improvements.

The patch also included a fix for an older issue where the printer feature would not work properly on Windows 10 version 1909, otherwise known as the Mayer 2019 update.

However, since the release of Windows 10 KB4524147, reports have been coming that this update,

which is supposed to fix the “print spooler problem”, actually breaks the print spooler on the PC where it is working normally before the update Had been.

In the Reddit thread, system administrators are reporting that the printer spooler service has stopped working after applying the update.

“Yes, some of our workstations received the KB4524147 update last night and received several calls this morning about doing the print job.

The spooler service crashed. The update and printing is working again. It has become a joke from M.S.

“We are uninstalling it right now. The last KB that broke the printing and now there is another one,” said a frustrated administrator.

This issue has also been reported on the Microsoft Community Forum and Feedback Hub.

This is the latest in a series of problems reported by users after installing the October 3 patch.

For example, many users claimed that KB4524147 breaks the start menu with a critical error message, while others are blaming KB4517211 for broken search and VMware workstation 14 issues.

Installation issues

More problems have been encountered on some PCs since Windows 10 KB 4524147

According to another Reddit thread, Microsoft Community Forum and Response Hub Post,

Windows 10 KB4524147 installation abruptly terminates after a certain percentage or the installation fails.

One user on the feedback hub stated, “Windows Update fails to install a cumulative update for 0x800f081f for Windows 1903 x64 KB4524147 in 2019-09.”

Common installation error messages such as 0x800f0988 and 0x800f081f have been reported by many users.

On Friday night, an administrator said that 4,600 computers in his organization were stuck installing this update.

Microsoft has yet to accept two new issues with Windows 10, but you can remove the botched patch to solve all these problems.

Windows 10 update bug

After introducing the Windows Insider program, Microsoft changed its update testing procedures significantly and the number of bugs in updates increased over the years.

However, the problems of Windows 10 are not just Microsoft’s fault.

Using unreliable third party software and unnecessary tweaks to the system makes the code more fragile, resulting in many problems. For example, high CPU usage only affects PCs with a high registry to block Bing results.

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