Microsoft launches new calling app will be able to making calls from computer too.

Microsoft launch new calling app Your phone to making call from computer

Your Phone.

Microsoft has launched a new app with the help of making calls from a computer on Windows. This app named Your Phone was already in use. Through this app, users will not only be able to make calls but will also be able to send messages and will also be able to sync notifications. Microsoft-Your phone, you will be able to dial the number, search the number in contacts and be able to call.



Through the Twitter handle of Windows Insider, Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft-Your phone. It will also be easy to transfer images from computer to mobile. Not only this, but you will also be able to see mobile notifications on the computer. Still, mobile can be synced to the computer but for this, users have to resort to a third-party app that is not secure.


For some time, the company was testing your phone app and select users were using it. In this app, you will not only get the facility of making calls, but other information including phone call history will also be available. But the thing to note is that to use this service, you must have an Android smartphone of Android 7 Nougat or above. You can download Your Phone app from the Google Play Store. Also, the computer or laptop you are syncing with should be supported with Bluetooth along with Windows 10.

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