Microsoft Launched New Programming Language ‘Bosque’ Keeps code Simple.


Microsoft Launched a new programming language, company Says Bosque has been designed to write down code that’s “simple, obvious and straightforward to reason” for both humans and machines.

The purpose of the open-source project to develop a functional Microsoft Launched new programing language that prevents” accidental complexity” in coding and development.

The codes generated in Bosque language is meant to be simple and straightforward by adopting algebraic operation and avoiding techniques that make complexity.


Bosque was introduced by the Microsoft Engineer Mark Marron(RSDE)


The Bosque programing language is that the goal is improved developer productivity, increased software quality, and enabling a variety of latest compilers and developer tooling experiences

To simplify collaboration with other researchers and therefore the wider developer community this project is about up around an open-source (MIT) licensed GitHub repository.

This project welcomes community contributions including, issues, comments, pull requests and research-supported or enhancing the Basque language.

Since Bosque remains within the development phase now, it’s recommended to not use Bosque for any production work.

You can see the image of programming code of Bosque


Simple Code of Bosque Language.

Using the Bosque Language.

The current focus of the Bosque project is core language design. As a result, there’s limited support for compilation/development and no support for packaging, deployment, lifecycle management, etc

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