Microsoft found that 40 million account users are using hacked user names and passwords

The research team of Microsoft (Microsoft Research Team) has found a major flaw with the accounts of its users. During its data analysis, the company found that 40 million Microsoft account users are using the hacked user name and password.

According to PC Mag’s report, Microsoft’s threat research team scanned the account between January and March of this year, in which this flaw was found.

Microsoft found that 40 million account users are using hacked user names and passwords
Microsoft Security Reviews.

According to the report, when the database of 3 crores leaked passwords and usernames were merged with the account, it was found that the accounts of more than 4 crore people are matching with it. Microsoft has asked these matched accounts to reset the password.

This is because the hackers have already cracked the passwords or usernames that these users have used and in such a situation these accounts can be threatened.

List of a bad password has been issued many times

Earlier in November, cybersecurity company ImmuniWeb had quoted the researchers as saying that out of about 2.10 crore accounts belonging to Fortune 500 companies (the world’s best 500 companies), about 16 million accounts were tried during the last one year.

This research firm also found that 49 lakh account passwords were unique among these 2.10 accounts, which means it was not easy to break. It was told that 32 of such passwords were found, which were common and it was easy to hack them.

These are passwords that are mostly in the list of hackers. Let’s see the list of those 32 passwords, which were said to be dangerous for the account …

This bad password list includes 000000, 111111, 112233, 123456, 12345678, 123456789, 1qaz2wsx, 3154061, 456a33, 66936455, 789_234, aaaaaa, abc123, career121, carrier, comdy, cheer !, cheezy, exigent, old123ma, passenses, old123ma , passer, passw0rd, password, password1, penispenis, snowman,! qaz1qaz, Soccer1, Student and Welcome.

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