Chipmaker Company MediaTek Launched It’s First 5g Technology(Processor).

Best Chipmaker MediaTek Launched It's First 5G Technology

Mediatech corporation believes it’s the world’s fastest 5g technology. With this help, a downlink speed of 4.7Gbps and an uplink speed of 2.5Gbps will be provided with sub-6Hz networks.

Therefore the company has named it Dimensity 1000 5G. The company has made this chipset just for premium and flagship smartphones.

The first smartphone to return with the MediaTek Dimensity chipset is often seen within the half-moon of 2020. This is the fastest processor of the company so far. MediaTek This processor supports 5G Technology has two career aggregation (2CC CA).

5G Technology

5G technology
MediaTek Density launches 5G technology.


If the company believes it is the world’s fastest 5G processor. With this help, 4.7Gbps downlink and 2.5Gbps uplink speed will be provided with sub-6Hz networks. This chipset will work for all connectivity generations from 2G to 5G.

The four Arm Cortex-A77 cores of this Dimensity 1000 5G processor from MediaTek operate up to 2.6GHz and the remaining four Arm Cortex-A55 cores deliver power-efficient performance at 2.0GHz.

This is the world’s first Arm Mali-G77 GPU coming with a chipset that will see excellent gaming and streaming performance at 5G speed. The company has claimed this.

 5G Technology the most valuable benefit of a processor can come with dual-mode 5G Network support and therefore the phone features a new MediaTek AI processing unit – APU 3.0. This is a high-performance chipset that will not allow problems with heavy usage.

Apart from this, the 5-core image signal processor (ISP) has been combined with MediaTek’s Imagiq + technology. This 80-megapixel camera sensor also supports multi-camera options such as 24 frames per second and 32 + 16-megapixel dual cameras.

An APU is a processor

This is the  APU that has advanced AI-camera support, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto white balance, noise reduction, high-dynamic range, and facial detection.

Hereby, it has to be seen when the smartphone equipped with this will come to India next year, how powerful it will prove to be.


By the way, many 5G smartphones are going to be launched in the year 2020. In such a situation, a big battle is going to start in the smartphone companies.

But the bet is going to be the one whose product will have power and therefore the price is going to be lower.

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