iPhone 11 Triple Camera Scaring Some People?

Apple is known for its product design. The design and look of the recently launched new iPhone 11 also looks quite attractive.

But to some people, the design of the triple camera in the iPhone 11 is a bit strange. There are more people with the disease called trypophobia.

In fact, trypophobia is a type of fear in which geometric patterns made of small holes or imports disturb a person.

This is the reason why the design of the triple camera of the iPhone 11 may bother some people.

The most common example of fear and discomfort due to trypophobia is the lotus flower appearing in the middle, it has small holes which are attached to a special pattern.

This pattern of perforations troubles the human suffering of trypophobia.

Similarly, the kind of patterns that have to be sown on the bee hive, it also becomes a problem for some people.

According to Professor Arnold Wilkins.

Professor Arnold Wilkins and Doctor Geoff Cole are researchers at Essex University. They believe that hating or being afraid of a particular pattern is a defensive reaction of our body in a way.

To explain this, both these researchers say that many people are scared of spider, snake or scorpion. Similar patterns are made on the bodies of these animals.

Although such fear cannot be recognized medically, it is also called pattern phobia.

By the way, the most notable thing about the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max launched this time is its triple camera.

Multiple videos can be recorded at the same time with the help of these cameras. The Pro model of iPhone 11 also has telephoto, wide and ultra wide cameras.

Along with this, there is a separate option for night mode, with the help of which good pictures can be taken even in low light.

But all these interesting aspects of the iPhone 11 are like a nightmare for those who are afraid of the pattern of perforations, who have trypophobia.

Seeing this pattern, these people feel like vomiting, their heart rate increases and they start feeling dizzy.

This is the reason why some people have decided not to buy iPhone 11.

Some such people have also shared their views in this regard on social media.

These people have told how they feel when they look at the cameras on the back of new iPhones.

A student living in New York City, USA, said that he never had any problem with the old models of the iPhone, but he found the model of iPhone 11 scary.

Similarly, a woman posted a picture of the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro on Twitter and wrote that it looks bad.

Another iPhones

The iPhone 8 or iPhone XR has a single rear camera, it does not have a slightly different pattern.

While the Pro and Max versions of the iPhone 11 have three cameras set in a particular pattern, due to which people suffering from trypophobia are having trouble.

When iPhone designers designed the triple camera, they might not have thought of this rare situation.

After seeing the triple camera pattern of the iPhone 11, many people have started writing about trypophobia. Some people have imagined the picture of the iPhone 15 in a funny way.

This picture may seem more scary to people with trypophobia.

“We all fall prey to trypophobia at some stage or the other,” says doctor Geoff Cole. Our fear depends on how much we can bear it. ”

A series of horror stories in the United States, actress Sarah Paulson and model Kendall Jenner are among those with trypophobia.

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