Virus attack on your computer, Don’t click on Popup message.

Virus attack on your computer, Don't click on Popup message.

If there are such popups continuously on your computer, in which it is written that there has been a virus attack on your computer, be careful. Because it can also be the beginning of a big fraud with you. Actually, an entire industry is engaged in similar fraud.

A large number of people in India have been victimized by the gang associated with this fraud. A popup is suddenly opening in front of people using the Internet, in which it is written that there has been a virus attack on your computer. Or your computer has a virus. And if you want to avoid it, then call a number.

This number is often given inside the link on the pop-up. This number is also often a toll-free number, and as people often have a habit, they are attracted to everything being received for free. Attracted like this, they also call this toll-free number.

Four out of every five people make calls

Actually, all of us have seen such popups on our computer screens many times and some may have even called, but a study has revealed that one out of every five people is definitely a toll-free Let us call the number.

These popups are often accompanied by a number, which they are asked to call, do not do so at all.

These calls are made at the Fake Tech Support Center. After this, in the name of providing tech service, they are motivated to buy their antivirus for computer security, according to the data available so far, 6% of people who call toll-free, for this fake product They also give money.

This thing has come out from a consumer survey of Microsoft. However, the biggest victims of this type of swindle are the Americans. But Microsoft has found India and China as the main destinations where such fake call centers are being run. Microsoft had studied 16 countries for its study.

A study by Stony Brook University in the US also made a disclosure about this last year. In which it was said that this fraud is going on by sending the same pop-up in 142 web domains. And this leads to a fraud of up to 7 crores in just two months.

The online solution is big and major business in India

The online solution is a business in which India does very well. It is a 28 billion dollar outsourcing industry. In which about 1.2 million people currently work. According to the Hindustan Times report last year, one such fake company was revealed.

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