How to secure your WhatsApp chat with Fingerprint security features, not anyone will be able to stare at your message.

How to secure your WhatsApp chat with Fingerprint

Today are discussing How to secure your WhatsApp private message, and the new security features of   WhatsApp Fingerprint may be the best security feature off to secure private chats. Along with the Chats, we also have our personal connections on it. In this case, its security (WhatsApp security feature of Fingerprint) becomes very important for us.


Reading our WhatsApp chats without our consent isn’t only tampering with our privacy, but it’s also interfering in our personal space. In such a situation, it is very important to know how to keep your WhatsApp secure on your smartphone.


We take care of the security of our smartphone. Usually, every other user using a smartphone uses features such as a screen lock pattern or code. To keep your WhatsApp chat secure on your phone, now WhatsApp has started giving you some privacy features.


WhatsApp recently launched two privacy features for Android and iPhone users, enabling users to secure their WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock.

For Androids Smartphones,

Android users get the facility of fingerprint lock feature on WhatsApp. Under this feature, users can now lock the WhatsApp app with fingerprints. That is, the WhatsApp of the users will open only they touch their fingerprint fed.

Note- This feature will only work on Android smartphones which will have a fingerprint sensor. How to activate Android users?

For this, first, attend the settings of your WhatsApp.

Now you have to go to the ‘Privacy’ option, where they will get the option of fingerprint lock, click on it to enable it.

This feature is also for iPhone


WhatsApp has given privacy features to Apple iPhone users under the name Screen Lock feature. This option works just like the fingerprint lock feature for Android. On turning on this feature, the screen of WhatsApp is locked, which opens only after Face ID Recognition.


For information, tell us that whatever smartphone you are using, in these ways you can keep your WhatsApp more secure and maintain the privacy of your chat.


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