How to backup your Gmail data from Gmail Account.

Some Steps to Follow.

The many sorts of business information and data in Gmail accounts and that we can’t be lost of knowledge. There also are wont to share and receive some personal information like bank information, picture, documents, and business mail, etc.

And require to keep more secure. And Google added the various security measures in Gmail but the additional secure by personal thing to taken by a backup of Gmail account data.

How to backup your Gmail data from Gmail Account

Following some Steps-

First, the open “” website on any browser or can directly visit-‘’

Second things are login Gmail account.

Login the account ingot to select all the services that they need to data download on their computer.

The list many of services like as google map.picture, contacts, and playbook

And you decide on the customize archive file formate and choose the archive file, file type, and file size.

And they did ‘create archive’ button from the bottom right side.

Wait for the processing to complete and download.

How to backup your Gmail data from Gmail Account

And also the many Google services intake a backup the data like as-

Products, Bookmark, Classroom, Contacts, Data Shared for Research, Data Shared for Research, Drive, Fit, G Suit Marketplace, Google Help Communities, Google input Tool, Google My Business, Google One, Google Place, Google PlayBooks, Google Play Console, Google Photo, Google Play Game Services, Google Play Movies&TV, Google Play Store, Google Shopping, Groups, Handsfree, Hangout, Hangout on Air(Now the close the services), Home App, Keep, Location History, Map, Map(your place), Purchase and Reservation, My activity, news, Post on Google, profile, Saved, Google Contribution, StreetView, Tasks, Text Cube, etc.

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