Why is Failed Israel’s moon mission?

Why  Fail Israel's moon mission.

One of the last pictures taken from the bracelet on the surface of the Moon before crashing.

Israel’s first lunar mission has failed. because the moon mission landed on its surface, its spacecraft crashed. The bracket engine had a malfunction and therefore the breaking rower’s braking system failed.

The main goal of this mission was to require photographs and make some experiments. Israel, with its success, wanted to be the fourth country to land on the moon.

So far, government agencies of Russia, the USA, and China have succeeded in beginning their vehicle on the moon. Maurice Cannes, head of the mission said, “We weren’t successful, but certainly we tried.”

He said, “I think the achievement of reaching where we reach it’s also very tremendous, I feel we will pride ourselves in it.”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who glanced at Tel Aviv’s room, said, “If success isn’t achieved initially, then you ought to try again.”

After seven weeks of the journey to succeed in the moon, unmanned spacecraft reached its final orbit 15 kilometers far away from the moon’s surface.
What happened during the announcement of the failure of the mission?

What happened during the announcement of the failure of the mission?


During this point, there was more stress within the command center because the spacecraft was unable to succeed. Meanwhile, Head of Space Department of Israel Aerospace Industries announced that there has been a dislocation in a space shuttle. He said, “Unfortunately we’ve not been ready to successfully reach the surface of the moon.”They said, “We are resetting the spacecraft to start out the engine.”

After a few seconds the engine started, the people present at the Command Center welcomed it with clapping, but after a few moments, the contact with the space shuttle broke. With this, the mission was over. The spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station located within the state of Florida, USA.

Why should you wait for three weeks to reach the moon?


Today, when it takes only a few days to reach the moon, it takes three weeks for the space shuttle to reach here. After all, what was the reason? On 22 February, on the 4th of April due to the launch of Berashett’s space flight, he made several rounds of the earth to enter the moon’s gravitational field.

The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is approximately 3 million 80 thousand kilometers. But during his visit, Berasheet guided it 15 times more Moon Mission.

Now the rationale behind it had been to scale back its cost. It might be sent on to the moon, but a communication satellite and an experimental plane were also sent alongside it while launching Berhesett from the Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX. Of course, the sharing of rockets in space travel reduced its cost – but at the same time, this spacecraft had to go through complex and difficult roads.

Why  Fail Israel's moon mission. and they are not succesfully land in moon
On 22 February Beraschat started flying the space.

Why was it difficult to land on the moon?


It was the foremost challenging task of the Israeli spacecraft to urge the moon. Its engine was made in the UK. Which Nammo had developed at Westcote, Buckinghamshire.

The 1.5-meter spacecraft was supposed to reduce its speed during landing on the moon, in which it was the biggest character of the break so that the space shuttle could land on a challenging moon. Before landing, senior spokesman engineer Rob Wescott said, “We have never used the engine in such applications.” Moon Mission.

He said that this is able to be the most important challenge: “When landing on the moon, its engine will need to be turned on and it’ll be extremely popular.

Then it will have to be shut down for a short time and when it is completely hot then turn it back on again. Very accurately in order that it can land on the moon in the movie . “This whole process took 20 minutes.

Monica Grady, professor of space science at the Open University, says, “It’s adoring watching the landing site very closely.

The data obtained from this will help us to know how the magnetic measurement of the moon fits with its geology and forgiveness. That is, in fact, to know how the moon was made. “

Why  Fail Israel's Moon Mission.
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