Hacker’s new trick can put a virus on your phone in just a second.

Hackers new trick, can put virus in your phone in just a second.

Hacker’s keep finding new ways to counterfeit with smartphone users. It is a matter of concern that they are also succeeding. Just as technology is becoming advanced, similarly hacking methods are also becoming high-tech. A recent example of this is NFC i.e. Near Field Communication. Although not many people use the NFC feature, it does not mean that it is easy to avoid the malware attack.

There was a bug in Android 8.0

Files, videos, photos and apps can be easily shared across two devices through NFC Beam. Hacker’s have made this their new weapon. Now with the help of NFC beaming, these hackers can put malware (a kind of virus) in your phone in a pinch. This is a bug that attacks devices running Android 8.0 and above. What is NFC?

What is NFC ( Near Field Communication )

NFC is a short range high frequency wireless communication technology that connects two devices from a distance of up to 4 cm. Gradually, its usage is increasing considerably because it saves users time. NFC devices are more used for contactless payment services.

How are Hacker’smisused

Whenever an app is sent via NFC, it asks for permission before installing the app coming from unknown source on another device. In January this year, some researchers found that due to a bug in Android 8.0, the apps sent by NFC beaming were being installed in the device without notification or warning.Hacker’s 

Google gives warning

Generally, Google gives users a warning on installing apps from any source other than the Play Store. However, Google has exempted some services such as Drop box Android App and Google Chrome in this case so that they are installed in security devices without security notifications. These services are called whitelisted services or apps

Bug fixed last month

This bug that was introduced in Android 8.0 has been fixed last month. This problem started coming up when Google certified the NFC beaming feature. In such a situation, whenever an APK file comes from NFC beaming on your device, it is installed without any warning and notification. There is a lot of fear that any dangerous malware can be transmitted to your phone.

Easy to avoid

Google has now fixed this bug. For this, Google has excluded this feature from the list of whitelisted apps. To avoid any fraud due to NFC beaming with you, it is better to turn off the NFC and Android Beam feature on your Android phone. With this, if you have not updated your Android device for a long time, then update it immediately.Hacker’s 

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