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If you are wondering what is expected of new features from Google Photos in the near future, then you would like the fact that David Lib, who led the production of the product, originally meant a string of tweets.

Really revealed from He was interested in users’ response, made them aware of excellent bugs, potential performance improvements, and feature requests.

Answering a lot of people, he said what is coming. First, manual face tagging. If you have not already chosen the app,

you can not choose to add photos to the face right now, but it will change in the future.

Next, the mobile app will find search parameters for recently uploaded photos, which were previously only available on the web.

It lets you easily view and edit any photo you upload, even if it has been several years ago.

This is a way of bypassing normal sorting by a time when the photo was not taken when it was added to the service.

Some useful tips about Google photo face tagging.

  • Ability to manually tag a face
    Google Photos allows users to remove a photo that is tagged incorrectly.                                                                        The app will not allow the user to take a photo to add it to the tagged face.
  •  Search for recently uploaded photos

 There are some features available on Google Photos for the web that are not yet migrated to mobile apps.

But the Google Photos team is now working to bring some of them into Android and iOS apps. 

  • Editing Timestamps
    Another feature that is coming to Google Photos is the ability to edit timestamps directly on the Android version of the app. This feature is available for web and iOS users over the past few years.
  • Deleting photos
    Team of Google Photos is also working on allowing users to delete some photos or videos from their library while browsing the album.  Users will be able to tag as a favorite in a shared album except for liking a photo or video.
  • Other notable features to come to Google Photos Lib also discussed some other features during his Twitter interaction.

These include easy removal of duplicate photos and videos such as feature requests,

adding functionality to the map, displaying details in a slideshow, and more.

They still look like ideas and most of them can not make it for the app soon.

Editing face tagging

Editing timestamp is coming on the Android app. It is weird that Google’s own mobile platform was devoid of this feature so far,

given that it is present in both web and iOS versions of the photo.

Pet photo-sharing partners are on their way to libraries, so pet owners will be able to automatically send Google Photos to their partners all images of their pets.

When you browse the album, you can delete photos from your library and also see favorite items (except for liking) in shared albums

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