Google Map taking initiative on women’s safety in India, this feature will be added soon

Google Map taking initiative on women’s safety in India, this feature will be added soon

Women’s safety has been a big issue in India. For this, governments have not been able to take any concrete steps. Arvind Kejriwal government, elected for the first time in Delhi in 2013, promised to illuminate all the dark paths of the capital with street lights. But how much this promise is fulfilled, the women who go out at night in Delhi know better.

Google, the world’s largest online company, is now going to add a new feature to its Google Maps. The name of this feature is ‘lighting’.

The purpose of this feature on Google Map is to show the streets of the city which are illuminated. With its help, you can choose a safe way to reach home for yourself.

What is Lighting in Google Map?

Google’s developing a feature to show brightly lit streets on Maps. … The new functionality — dubbed “Lighting” — aims to make your night time travels safer by helping you avoid streets with poor or no lighting. Well-lit streets will be marked in yellow, according to code hidden inside Maps

This feature added to Google Map has been discovered by XDA Developers. Through this, you will be able to choose the way in which the street lights are full to reach home while using Google Maps. With the help of this feature, you will be saved from walking on the roads with bad or no light.

Using the ‘lighting’ feature, you have to choose the path highlighted in yellow on the Google Map. So far, Google has not announced that when it will open this feature for its users.

But it is expected that the way in which women’s safety remains a serious issue in India, Google will launch it right here first.

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