Google can remove 29 malicious apps from Google play store

Google can remove 29 miscellaneous app from Google play store

Quick Heal Security Labs reported 29 malicious apps found on the Google Play Store, with a collective download number of over 10 million.

Immediately removing these malicious apps from the Google Play Store was enough. An app from this set named “Multiple Accounts Simple” has already crossed 5 million installs.


Of this set of 29 malicious applications, 24 are in the hiding category. HIDAd applications hide their icons after the first launch and create shortcuts on the home screen.

The obvious purpose of this action is that users should not be able to uninstall it simply by dragging the icon.

When users launch applications through shortcuts, these applications display full screen advertisements on the device screen.


Some of these applications may show additional devices, while the device is in a passive state and the application is not in active use.

Most of these applications are in the photography category and are similar to previous HiddAds found in the Google Play Store.

Fig. 1 shows screenshots of malicious HiddAd applications from the Google Play Store.


The remaining 5 applications listed above are in the adware category and will usually be found via advertisements on your Android phone.

Users see many advertisements every time on social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook etc., which promote various mobile applications.

Many times, these promoted mobile applications have many incredible features, such as X-rey scanning.


We have created some advertisements for some interesting Androed applications that claim to provide X-ray scanning functionality.

When we explore further applications, we find that two of those applications have exceeded 1 million downloads.

List of those applications

1- Multi Apps-multiple Accounts simultaneously

2- Rhythm Camera

3- Qing Camera

4- New Hair Fashion

5- Super Mark

6- Cut Cut mix pro 

7- Color Splash Photo Effect

8- Glitch Lens-Vaporwave & Ghost Photo editor

9-First Camera HD

10- Photo Blur

11- Age Face

12- Blur Image

13- Lie Detector Prank

14- QR Code Scanner

15- Pretty makeup Photo

16- Reflex Makerup

17- QR Code Scanner 

18- Galaxy Overlay

19-Lens Flares

20- Cut Cut Mix

21- Filter Photo Frame

22-Free Camera HD

23- Magic Effect

24- Photo Effect Pro

25- Art Filter

26- Smart Magnifire Pro

27-Magnifire Glass pro 2.6.8 Apk

28-Super Magnifire Lite

29- Magnifire Pro- Magnifying Glass





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