Google Can Delete 600 miscellaneous Apps From Google Play Store They are Very Dangerous For Users.

Google Play Can Delete 600 miscellaneous application from google play services

Google Play

Google Play Can Deletes 600 miscellaneous Apps From Google Play  They are Very Dangerous For Users. The only purpose of clicking on advertisements of the app makers of virus apps is to earn money and sometimes steal data.

Along with this, the corporate has also removed the developers of apps that engage users in advertisements through clicks. According to the corporate, there’s a requirement to focus on one area for his or her ad-click apps team. The team’s job is to find new ways to detect malicious ads appearing outside of apps.


Actually, the developers of such apps have the purpose of clicking on advertisements to earn money and sometimes even steal the data. Many times add-click also causes disturbances in the function and GPS of the phone. In this case, fake apps can prove to be dangerous for users and for Google Play Store. The company said that this type of behavior is against Google’s policy.


That’s why Google has removed these apps from the Play Store App. Google further said that our investigation goes on and as soon as we come to understand the violation, we’ll still take action.


9 apps deleted before From Google Play.


Earlier, the Japanese cybersecurity company named Trend Micro had told about 9 apps that  Google Play  App we’re tampering with the data of users’ Facebook and Google accounts. These apps have been downloaded about 4,70,000 times.


In the list of squint-eyed apps, there are apps like shoot clean, junk cleaner, phone booster. The cybersecurity company says that these fake apps  hide under the name ‘Speed Clean’ or ‘Super Clean’. It presents itself in such a way that it cleans junk files from your smartphones, but in reality, it is a fake application.

Here is the list of some fake apps in the Google Play.

Shoot Clean

Junk Cleaner

Phone Booster

CPU Cooler

Super Clean Lite-


Clean & CPU Cooler
Super Clean-

Phone Booster

Junk Cleaner & CPU Cooler
Quick Games

H5 Game Center
Rocket Cleaner
Rocket Cleaner Lite
Speed Clean

Junk Cleaner & App Manager

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