5 preferred AI-Powered Personal Finance Apps-AI.

Over the years, the mobile app trade has seen a huge rise — from music to taking part in poker to mercantilism to even switch on the lights of your sleeping room, nowadays there’s a mobile app for every single purpose.

Even though several mobile app developers are leaning towards the money sector — personal finance management and proactive cash management were left untouched.

However, today, the mobile app trade has entered this area with applications that use technology like computer science to assist you higher in managing personal finance.

during this article, we have a tendency to list 5 such AI-powered mobile apps that deliver personalized money-saving expertise


Not primarily a mobile app, however, Cleo is an Associate in Nursing AI-powered Messenger-based money assistant that helps users in managing their finances.

It conjointly lets its users link their bank accounts and send cash to Facebook courier contacts.

The user may set a limit of his/her spare modification on Cleo and also the assistant can place that quantity aside as your savings.

that’s not all, one will even raise Cleo queries like whether or not you’ve got the budget to shop for a selected product or whether or not you’ll be able to afford a low,

the assistant can take a dive into the graphs and data-driven insights and would answer your queries.


One of the quirkiest things regarding this AI-powered money assistant is that the indisputable fact that it eve roasts its users once they don’t follow a routine.

Eva Money

 Created by Fintel labs, Eva cash maybe a personalized money assistant mobile app obtainable for iOS and robot.

The app uses computer science and is additionally Voice/Chat-enabled. It answers queries associated with your personal finances victimization colloquial intelligence and improves overall money eudaemonia.

Further, you’ll be able to conjointly link all of your bank accounts with the Eva cash app and find a whole shot of your current money standing (At gift, Eva solely supports United States of America banks).

that’s not all, it will even suggest the simplest ways that to maximize money back, the way to save cash, the way to improve credit score, and so on


Started in 201, MintZip is an Associate in Nursing AI-powered fintech app that delivers end-to-end money solutions.

The MintZip app is additionally equipped with its flagship product ‘Misa’ that is Associate in Nursing AI-based money companion and is steam-powered by colloquial AI.

in keeping with the corporate, Misa is that the world’s most powerful money chatbot.

Talking regarding however this AI money chatbot works, it takes into consideration things like activity sciences and money sciences,

and it’s unceasingly coaching on money information to deliver the tailored response supported the users’ specific money state of affairs. 

Whether you would like to alter savings, invest, or perhaps build payments, MintZip is certainly that app for you


Created in 2015 by 2 geographical area businessperson, Cristiano Oliveira, and former skilled motocross pilot film producer American state Moraes,

Olivia may be a free money assistant app that uses computer science and activity political economy.

Basically, this app finds patterns in however somebody usually spends its cash.

and so uses those patterns to form methods that facilitate users to pay less on a similar thing, liberating up cash.

Further, Olivia conjointly comes up with challenges for its users supported wherever they have the foremost facilitate.

  And these challenges are created in such how that it helps the user modification its habits and take higher management of its finances over time.

At present, Olivia {is solely|is merely|is simply|is just|is barely} obtainable on iOS and only within the United States of America and Brazil.


Wizely is another AI-powered money-saving app that enables its users to avoid wasting very little} by little, providing the selection of Flexi and Savings set up. It conjointly claims to be India’s initial digital piggybank app.

Some of the advantages of Wizely:

  • unlimited referral
  • pre-booking of desired purchases
  • up to fifteen extra earnings on Wizely savings on redemption

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