Do you also keep your password is only Numeric?

Do you also keep your password is only Numeric?

A study has found that millions of people around the world have a very easy-to-understand password for their sensitive accounts.

UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) found that the password for most hacked accounts was kept 123456.

This study has led to a scarcity of cyber knowledge, which may cause danger. Center has said that so as to make a robust password, people should easily use three different letters to be remembered together.

Password security is Sensitive data.


In its first cyber survey, NCSC conducted an in-depth analysis of hacked accounts, for instance, which words or digits were utilized in them.

It was found that the amount of 123456 passwords was highest, quite 2 crores 30 lakhs.

The second most popular password was 123456789 and it was not too difficult to understand. In the top five, ‘qwerty’, ‘password’ and ‘1111111’ also come.

Most of the names like Ashley, Michael, Daniel, Jessica, and Charlie are most likely to be found in the password.

As far as placing a password on the name of the Premier League football team, Liverpool’s name was at the top, while Chelsea was at number two.

Blink-182 was found at the top in the music-related password. According to Dr. Lan Levy, the technical director of NCSC, people who use the most common password make themselves the easiest to hack


Choose a tough Password(Alphanumeric and Special character).

He says, “Nobody should keep an easy password to stay your data safe, just like the first word of your name, local eleven or favorite band.”

In this survey, the NCSC also questioned the safety of people towards safety.

It found that 42 percent of individuals are scared of money being stolen and 15 percent think that their safety is secure.

It was also found that almost half the people chose a difficult password to estimate their main email account.

Security Expert Troy Hunt, who oversees the database of hacked accounts, says that the sole solution for online security is to settle on a far better password…

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