Can political benefits be levied in the election by stealing the Aadhar data, Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Aadhaar Enrolment Centers.

Almost eight million people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana reported that the info was stolen, once more the question marks were made on the idea of the safe of the Aadhar data. There are allegations that these figures were stolen from a mobile app called Data Services Friend. This mobile app Telugu Desam Party has created for its workers.

Given the seriousness of the matter, the Unique Identification Authority of India, the issuing agency, has filed a complaint with the Telangana Police.


Based on the report submitted by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Telangana Police to the UIDAI, the Deputy Director of UIDAI has filed an FIR with the Madhepur police in Hyderabad.

Based on the report of the SIT of Telangana Police, the UIDAI has appealed for the investigation of the case.

We received a complaint on March 2, 2019. Which stated that the Andhra Pradesh government collected information about the beneficiaries, voter ID and the basis of the government schemes through the Service Friends app and misconstrued their misdeeds and misconceptions,” the complaint said in the complaint filed by UIDAI.

During the investigation, we found that through the app, information on voter ID and base of people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was gathered.

During our search operation, we recovered four hard disks from the premises of IT Gridus (India) Pvt Ltd. Those hard disks were sent for testing in Telangana Forensic lab.


It has been confirmed within the investigation that these four hard disks had information about the bottom cards of an outsized number of individuals.

Many people, including complainant Lokeshwar Reddy, got the knowledge in those hard disks. We believe that each one of these data has been removed either from the Central Identity Data Fund or the State Data Resident Hub. “

According to the Aadhaar Rule 2016 (Aadhar Data)

According to the Aadhaar Rule 2016, it’s a criminal offense of knowledge theft under Article 38 (g) and 38 (h). Simultaneously, according to Section 29 (3) of the Information Act 2000, it is also a crime to find beneficiaries of government schemes.

Apart from this, no private company can extract data from Aadhar data. According to Section 65, 66 (B) and 72 (A) of the Aadhaar rules, it is illegal.


In UIDAI’s complaint, it has been alleged that after theĀ  data of the base was incorrectly removed, it was placed in the Amazon Web Platform.

Can political benefits be levied in the election by stealing the Aadhar data, Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Telangana SIT chief Stephen Ravindra told “We got this case through the Cyberabad police. It’s main accused Ashok Dakaram is still absconding and we are looking for him. Once he gets in our hold we’ll determine where he got the bottom data from. We will continue our investigations. “

Stephen Ravindra said,

“They took the data of beneficiaries of government schemes and data of voter ID. The complainant had said that on the idea of the info, he also examined the political will of the voters and then those that aren’t within the list of TDP voters, their names are removed from the voter’s list. We are also investigating this matter. “


Telangana SIT has also written to the other departments of Andhra Pradesh and sought clarification from them. Stephen Ravindra said that the response from the six departments is yet to be received.

Andhra Pradesh’s Technical Advisor Vemuri Hari Krishna told the BBC that the answers to many questions are found when looking for a copy of the FIR.

Data do not mention theft.

They say that the UIDA has not mentioned the data being stolen anywhere. Hari Krishna said, “Telangana Police carried out raids on IT Grid Company from February 23 after going out of the official area.

After these impressions, he only reported the matter of Texas Independence Day, he continued to hold out raids and kept them ahead of the bottom to cover it. They want to mislead the media and the masses. “



Vemuri Hari Krishna claimed, “IT Grid did not have data associated with any kind of basis. And if there’s any Aadhar data then it’ll be data collected during the Telugu Desam Party’s membership. When we were subscribing, people had asked for their separate identity cards. “

He said that later he started to consider Voter ID card as a proof of identity card instead of the separate identity cards for membership.


Hari Krishna accuses YSRCP that he has filled Form-7 in the Election Commission. Form 7 is actually an appellate letter through which the name of a person is known or removed from his or her name as it is known or removed.

Hari Krishna says, “Jaganmohan Reddy himself said during a general meeting in Nellore that his party has filed an appeal in Form-7.

So how does this question arise that we are cutting the names of voters? The case that is registered is wrong. We have not gathered information from bank accounts. If they have proof to prove these allegations, then they should present it.


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