Can Artificial Intelligence (AI)Prevent Diseases?

Change is the law of life. If there were no change from time to time, then civilization does not reach this point where today we are standing.

But the basic nature of human beings is the face of change. People do not want change, they oppose it. Even if they are for their benefit.

Many times the changes are very important for the prevention of diseases. Such as dengue disease. Despite all the efforts, we have not been able to stop the deaths completely.

Prevention requires that we already know where dengue is going to kill its paws. Dengue is a dangerous disease that spreads due to mosquitoes. The virus of this disease enters the body of the person due to bites of mosquitoes and wreaks it.

The World Health Organization estimates that 39 million people are victims of dengue every year.(AI).

Roll of Artificial intelligence in the medical field.

Raniar Mallole’s mother had become a victim of this disease. From then on, he started this campaign to prevent the spread of dengue with the help of new technology. For this, Rainier has formed an organization named AIME.

When Rainier’s mother was ill, she was scared of losing her. Rainier was also upset that people were not prepared to understand the reason for the extension of dengue. They did not have the information.

Regarding the mother’s illness, Rainier remembered the lesson taught to her mother. It was that ‘information is power’.(AI)

When Rainier got the chance to go to NASA in 2015, during the 10-week program, he got a chance to understand the new challenges of human civilization in a nutshell.         

After returning from the NASA program, Rainier algorithm of an Artificial Intelligence was prepared. This mechanical figure is of people’s health, their stay, and the surrounding environment. This algorithm includes the details of the socio-economic status of the people.

With this help, the spread of illness is estimated. With this help, Rainier and his team have made 100 predictions of diseases till now. 88 of these proved to be true.

After this successful experiment, Renéir’s organization got a lot of help. After this, the AIME team got the chance to go to Brazil. With the help of data, he succeeded in predicting 85 percent of the spread of diseases.

Rainier says that his prepared algorithm has conveyed the exact prediction of the diseases that it is very effective. We can use it to prevent the spread of diseases. For this, we have to gather the AI data.

Rainier has implemented this system in all parts of its country of Malaysia. Now Rainier’s team is busy with the help of this machine to prevent Zia Virus and Chikungunya disease.

Now they are trying to find out the other diseases spreading from the germs and before the time of the tricky illness like diabetes.

Rainier says that Artificial Intelligence is for the betterment of human beings.

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