Google launch finally Android 11 Beta Version .

Android 11 Beta Version finally launch by Google.

About Android 11 Beta Version.

Android 11 is the most advanced updated feature that comes to the new bundle. Android 11 beta version available only for google pixel smartphones like as google pixel 2,3, 3a, and google pixel 4. For the time being android 11 is under the developing and testing phase. And the new stuff in the system UI in Android 11..We’ve got lots of bugs in the Android 11 Beta for you. Sorry, we’ve fixed lots of bugs in the Android 11 Beta for you. But we saved some time for features, and I do want to talk about a few of them just real briefly for you today. We’re going to talk about conversations, bubbles, device controls, and the media player.

Alright, let’s talk about conversations. We know from our user research hand our own personal experience that notifications to and from real people are the most important to us, they bring us the most joy, they are also often the most urgent requiring prompt response.

Major features in Android 11 Beta Version.

The major feature in the Android 11 Beta Version is Behavioural changes in UI and installed application in your smartphone. And Other is Privacy is the most important object for everyone. Android 11 a large number of changes and limiting condition to enhance user privacy and Second things is Security features is also enhanced. And other major changes in the Camera section to support for consentaneous of more than one camera at a time including both a front-facing and a rear-facing camera. Also work on Connectivity, Performance, Debugging, Accessibility, User Interface (System Alert), and Application Compatibility.

The second major change in Androids 11 is Privacy features.

This feature is a safeguard of your smartphone that will need to support in your application. Top Privacy changes in scope storage enforcement, one-time permission, auto reset, Background location access, package visibility for ground service type.

Third major Changes in Android 11 Beta Version of  API overview.

Also to learn about areas where platform change may be affecting your application be check you’re out of Android 11behavipur changes for an application that targeting Android R and for all applications as well as privacy changes. There’s actually quite a lot going on there. I’m not going to read through all the code here. But this and a lot of other device types are supported by the system. Go ahead and check the API documentation with the 11 Beta

List of Some new Experiences in Android 11-

(i) Device Control.
(ii) Media Control.
(iii) Screen.
(iv) Conversion implements.
(v) Chat Bubbles.
(vi) 5G Visible Indicates- Various 5G icon display solutions for the different carriers are provide by new API, the supported technologies use that given below. LTE, LTE( with carrier aggregation LTE+), Advance pro-LTE (5Ge), NR 5G, NR on the millimeter-wave cellular band (5G+).
(vii) Privacy
(viii) Security
(ix) Performance and quality
(x) And additional some features.

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